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What's Cooking?

This is a page for ChiLUG Members to tell you their latest and greatest in ideas, plans, upcoming builds, and everything on their LEGO horizon!

John Thornton

John had this terrific article about building vehicles published on LEGO's Master Builder Academy website back in March, and it's just one step in his ongoing efforts to share ideas and techniques with the global LEGO community.

Way to go, John!






Jeff & Robin

They're constantly changing their Shackleton Layout, and have some ambitious plans for it in the future! They've also started a newer and more compact version of the components which would concentrate on the more "fun" elements, which makes it more portable and minimizes setup/teardown time.

There's also an outrageous project on their slate at the moment, which will take many months to complete...but it's a secret! Shhhhh!


Wait, a LEGO gun from Nick that isn't Halo?!  That's right, Nick finally gave in to requests from fans and decided to work on a real world weapon with LEGO.  After positive feedback on his working LEGO red dot gun sight , he decided after Brickworld 2012 he would say goodbye to one of the LEGO Halo weapons to have parts to replicate the Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun, with plans for a working trigger, removable magazine, and attachment point for the red dot sight.  Unfortunately, shooting is not a feature that will be added.  That's just a bit too challenging to do with LEGO!


Rocco's working on a terrific new project..."the Colors of Chicago"!

This is going to be a great addition to future ChiLUG Events, Sports Fans!

Learn all about his plans on his MOCpages...