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Crain Communications/Stone Container Building             By Vern Tompkins 

ChiLUG member Vern Tompkins created this MOC of the Crain Communications/Stone Container building.  The diamond-shaped top of the 49-story building is very recognizable along the Chicago skyline.














Tic-Tac-Toe Robot                         by James "Nicky" Fitzgerald                                   November 14, 2015 

Ever wanted to play a ridiculously long game of Tic-Tac-Toe with practically no chance of winning?  Well, now you can!  This fully automatic Tic-Tac-Toe game and robot was created by ChiLUG member Nicky Fitzgerald.  Either "The Robot" or you can go first by placing a color-coded ball in any spot on the game board.  "The Robot" then scans the entire board prior to each move, and deposits one of it's own color-coded balls in the appropriate spot (and can even determine if someone has "cheated" by moving a previously played ball, or plays more than one ball at a time).  Impressive!  The MOC features a scoreboard displaying the results of each game (with a red LED light under the appropriate word: "WIN", "LOSE", "TIE", or "CHEAT").  Plus, "The Robot" changes facial expressions (4) accordingly throughout each game.  Very Impressive!  It is powered by two LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX bricks and programmed in NQC. 


Darkness & Nautilus                          by Peter Mowry                    June 2014

They emerged out of the darkness in a rage, seeking knowledge and ancient secrets, leaving only ruins in their path. This race only known as "The Darkness" has left many galaxies in ashes. Will this nightmare ever be halted. Only time will tell.









The Nautilus - class vessels, as they came to be known, were constructed in the final years of the Hexan Shipyard building Golden Age. The materials and techniques used to construct these titans have n

ot been fully documented. Estimates put their tonnage at fifteen times that of any other vessels of the period or since. They were large enough to house a few dozen cruisers and hundreds of support craft and fighters.

Experts are still in disagreement about the number of vessels completed and whether any are still in service. Some 100 to 120 were destroyed near the Hexan home world during the opening hours of the Darkness Wars. Legends say the Hexans reconfigured most of the surviving ships with a Embolus or (ram) built into the underside of their hulls. Sightings of Nautilus class ships have still been reported, and in many instances, eyewitnesses have described them as offering support to their mother ship the Marquis.

LEGO Store Display                                                                         August 2013

ChiLUG members Dan Church, Casey McCoy and Nick Jensen (pictured left to right) collaborated to create a Super Mario Brothers-themed MOC displayed at the LEGO Store in Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, IL) during the month of August 2013.  The unique display included several characters that are easily recognizable by fans of the video game.








Hero Factory                                               By Billy McDermott        June 2013

These awesome Lego "Hero Factory" creations were built by young Billy McDermott, pictured here as on display at the Woodfield Mall Lego store for all of June 2013.

Clearly, Billy is a fan of the Lego "Hero Factory" concept, and his dad Mike is also a Lego builder/displayer with ChiLUG.   

Cool "Heroes" Billy!












Concrete Pumper                                        By John Thornton           June 2013

Mr. Ben Brown contracted with ChiLUG member John Thornton to build a replica of the concrete pumper owned by Ben's dad, Gary Brown.

The MOC was delivered to Ben following Brickworld 2013 in June, for Ben to present to his father for Father's Day.

Thanks to Ben Brown for making this happen, and to Bryan/Kathie Bonahoom for transporting this MOC to Ben in Indiana.








"But The Big Thing Just Said, 'Snort!' "       By Ben Merrill               March 2013                 

This "storied" steam shovel was built by Ben Merrill, and is titled "But the Big Thing Just Said, 'Snort!' ".

This MOC was inspired by P.D. Eastman's children's book "Are You My Mother?", and depicts the scene where the baby bird encounters a steam shovel and declares that it must be his mother. The title of this build is taken from the Merrill's family-favorite line, when the steam shovel answers the bird's declarations.

This MOC has been well-received by kids and adults alike, all who have enjoyed the much-beloved children's story.

More photos of Ben's creation are posted on MOCpages at









A Dragon's Heart                           by Alysa Kirkpatrick                      January 2nd, 2013 

How adorable is this?

This is Alysa's entry for the Valentine's Build Contest, tieing with Ben's entry, and winning the right to appear at the Woodfield LEGO Store for the month of February!

This stuffed baby dragon is looking for just the right person to give it's heart to...

Wonderful build, Alysa!





A Dozen Ways to Say "I Love You"              by Ben Merrill                January 2nd, 2013

Here's Ben's entry for the Valentine's Build Contest!

This piece shows some incredible technique and imagination...and should get plenty of ooooohs and ahhhhhs while on display!

It will be on display at the Woodfield LEGO Store for the month of February, and it will also appear at the Bricktavia 2013 Exhibit on January 26th.

Incredible build, Ben!











Halo M6C PDWS                       by Nick Jensen                    December 28th, 2012

Here's a silenced version of the M6C!

Nick's got the video to demonstrate the additions that you can enjoy:

You can also get the whole story and more photos on Nick's MOCpages!






Fisherman                      by Alysa Kirkpatrick                  December 22nd, 2012

Here's a great little diorama from Alysa that she's entering in one of the Classic Castle Tournament events for 2013!

You can see a couple of additional photos here:

You can learn more about the Tournament on "Classic Castle" at:

Caught anything yet?



Peterbilt 352                  by John Thornton                December 22nd, 2012

This semi truck is a late 70's/early 80's-era Peterbilt 352, with a 110" cabover-style tractor and a 48' Fruehauf refrigerated trailer, built by John Thornton.

The vehicle is 8 'studs' wide and 51 'studs' long (overall), with a detailed driver's area and sleeping compartment.  The ("hollow") trailer is made up primarily of 140+ 1x4 white bricks and twenty (20) 2x8 and 4x8 white and gray plates (offset from the 1x4 white bricks). 





Riva & David Logan Center for the Arts              by Dave Pickett           December 8th, 2012

Check this out!

Here's another cool piece by Mr. Pickett, which is also up for a Cuusoo pick!

You can see additional photos and link to Cuusoo for voting on Dave's photostream here:




Halo M6C Pistol                       by Nick Jensen                      December 1st, 2012

Yes, it's another sweet job by Nick!

Check out this puppy's photos:

...or perhaps a video?

Better yet, make it on out to a ChiLUG event and enjoy these beauties in person!


Nicely done, Nick!



Halo Fragmentation Grenade               by Nick Jensen                          October 24th, 2012

How's this for a cool use of the "Star Wars" planet spheres! Not only has Nick created a rather slick replica here, but has some breakdown photos and guidance to help you build your own!

Check it out!









Halo 4 BR85HB SR Battle Rifle                 by Nick Jensen                     October 3rd, 2012

Another new and incredible Halo Replica by Nick!

The pictures just don't do them've got to see what it's like to hold one of the these babies in your hands!

Catch additional photos of the new piece and LOTS of his LEGO talent on his Flickr photostream:




"Jerry"                                      by Joe Dadabo                                September 20th, 2012

Check out this splendid mini that Joe created of his dog, Jerry!

This is the perfect example of how much can be expressed with just a few elements.

Stay tuned for something really special Joe's working on that will debut at our Octobrickfest Show!










M363 Remote Projectile Detonator            by Nick Jensen           August 18th, 2012


Here's the latest from Nick!  Another extremely cool Halo Replica that's already getting lots of attention!  We'll let Nick show you the rest...  

See additional photos of the "Sticky Detonator" here:                  Nicely done, always!




NNN "Newsmobile"                            by David Pickett                             July 21st, 2012

This cool litle buggie is one of Dave's new additions to his Nightly News at Nine! Ready to bolt across town and cover any story that arises!

 It's also up for a Cuusoo consideration! Check out the MOC and show your support through Dave's flickr page...





Secluded Japanese Tea House  "Serene"            by Alysa Kirkpatrick                July 2nd, 2012

Incredible terrain and accenting make this Tea House scene absolutely magic!

See lots of additional photos and get the backstory on Alysa's MOCpages:








It's a Twister!                                 by Dan Church                              June 20th, 2012

Dan came up with this nifty MOC to adorn the awesome motorized tornado he constructed! It was enjoyed by many at Brickworld...or should we say "BrickWhirled"?

See addditional photos of this beauty here:








Robin's "Primeval"                                   by Robin Viens                                   May 26th, 2012

Here's a great little illuminated piece by Robin, inspired by the TV Show "Primeval" on BBC America! It's one of Jeff and Robin's favorite shows!












LEGO Store                        by Jeff & Robin Viens                           April 6th, 2012


This little beauty is a new addition for the Shackleton layout's "Brickworld 2012" version! Come on in and check out the Pick-a-Brick wall!