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We'd love to see you at a ChiLUG display event!  Below is a current schedule of ChiLUG's upcoming public display events (and other LEGO shows at which ChiLUG will be displaying):


Saturday, January 21, 2017 - Niles Public Library, Niles, IL (hours: TBD)


Please check back for more events to be scheduled!


Brickworld Chicago 2016                                                                                                   June 16-19, 2016

Brickworld Chicago 2016 was a great event (again) this year.  ChiLUG's diverse LEGO creations were on display for the 10,000+ who visited the event.  Several ChiLUG members received Brickworld Chicago 2016 nominations and awards (below):

Brickworld Chicago 2016 Awards:

Rocco Buttliere - Brickworld 2016 Master Builder

Nicky Fitzgerald:  Brickworld 2016 First Place Boat Race Obstacle Course, Brickworld 2016 First Place Fighting Sumo, Brickworld 2016 First Place Fastest Bridge

Scott Ingerson - Brickworld 2016 First Place Boat Drag Racing, Brickworld 2016 First Place Dragster Challenge Distance
Casey McCoy - Brickworld 2016 Best Film 
Ben Merrill - Brickworld 2016 First Place LEGO Derby Restrictor Plate Class 

Brickworld Chicago 2016 Nominations:

Alysa Kirkpatrick - Brickworld 2016 Best LEGO Artwork 


Winter 2016 Meeting Recap                                                                               Saturday, January 30, 2016 

ChiLUG's Winter 2016 meeting was held at the Niles Public library on Saturday, January 30, 2016, during the ChiLUG display/build event there.  The meeting was attended by 12 ChiLUG members.  The main topic of discussion was the new requirements to retain Registered LUG (RLUG) status, and the 2 'target' events selected are the May 2016 and July 2016 events.  In addition, there was discussion about recruiting new (active) members into ChiLUG.  Lastly, the date for ChiLUG's Spring 2016 meeting was established as Saturday, 04/30/2016.


ChiLUG Member Rocco Buttliere Scheduled to Display in London, England                       December 2015

ChiLUG Members Rocco Buttliere has hase been invited to display his entire collection of skyscraper models in London this December at BRICK 2015!  The event committee is funding Rocco's airfare and lodging expenses, and Rocco has been working with his university (Illinois Institute of Technology) to fund his $5,500 shipping costs.  Rocco started a Kickstarter page: with an in-depth explanantion.

Congratulations Rocco!

Fall 2015 Meeting Recap                                                                               Saturday, September 26, 2015 

ChiLUG's Fall 2015 Meeting was held at the Warrenville Public library on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  The meeting was well-attended by most of ChiLUG's members.  In addition to discussing pending issues, ChiLUG members participated in a 6-kit LEGO building activity (building a single creation from 6 identical LEGO kits).

Spring 2015 Meeting Recap                                                                           Saturday, April 25, 2015

ChiLUG's Spring 2015 Meeting was held at the Warrenville Public library on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  The meeting was well-attended by most of ChiLUG's members.  Items discussed were the results of the survey of ChiLUG members regarding various items including communications, frequency of display events, etc., as well as planning for Brickworld 2015.  Also, attending ChiLUG members did a 'parts grab' of surplus LEGO elements.

Valentine Build Contest

Check out these terrific entries for the Valentine's Build Contest! There was just no way to pick a winner here, Folks.

"A Dozen Ways to Say "I Love You"" by Ben Merrill shows some splendid build technique, and is just oozing with charm!

"A Dragon's Heart" by Alysa Kirkpatrick registers a solid eleven on the cute-o-meter!

So...we have a tie! Both of these wonderful pieces will go on display at the Woodfield LEGO Store for the month of February, and you'll get a chance to see Ben's Roses at ChiLUG's Bricktavia event.

Nicely done, both of you...congratulations!


Team Got Robot? Wins the "Inspire Award"!

Yes, that's ChiLUG's Zoe McRae in the front row!

A big ChiLUG "Congratulations" to Zoe and her Colleagues from "Got Robot?" FIRST Tech Challenge Team!

At this year's Illinois Championships, held at IIT, Their Team won the prestigious "Inspire Award".

The Inspire award is the highest award at the event, and is awarded to the team that demonstrates excellence in all categories (community outreach, robot performance, documentation, software and technical design). 

Winning this top award means that they automatically qualify to the next level of competition, which in this case is the FIRST World Festival in St. Louis next April.




ChiLUG at the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago       November 3rd, 2012

A very rewarding experience, to bring our Chicago Brand of LEGO fun to some special Kids who really need it!

This was the first of what will be many events, no doubt...and we're happy to provide!

Here's John, Jeff, Dave, and Mike, well prepared with lots of MOCs, lots of LEGO material for the Kids to build with, some special giveaway items (thanks to John & Jeff!), and a TON of goodwill. We'd like to thank the Staff of the Hospital's Family Life Center for having us, and we look forward to the next event!

See several more photos in the ChiLUG Photo Gallery











ChiLUG's new "Brickshelf" Gallery!

The oldest web gallery for LEGO Fans gets a new ChiLUG Page! It's just a way for us to reach out with our event photos to Folks who might not otherwise see them! Check it out some time!


"Octobrickfest 2012" was a big hit!                             Oct. 20th & 21st, 2012


Yes, two weekend shows in a row...wowsers!

This event, Hosted by Dave & John's briXwerX and the Glen Ellyn Public Library, occurs every other October at the Library. A great crowd, and an excellent turnout by the Membership. Displaying were:

John Thornton, Ben Merrill, Alysa Kirkpatrick, Rocco Buttliere, Jeff & Robin Viens, Joe Dadabo, Mike McDermott, Nick Jensen, Adam Reed Tucker, and of course, Dave & Johnny!

Thanks to the Library Staff for all of their hard work, and to Ron and Jackie McRae, and Casey McCoy for coming out to see us and talk some Group business! A special nod to Matt DeLanoy of the Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club for stopping by, and an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to all're the best!

See lots of additional photos in the ChiLUG Photo Gallery


Fall Meeting Recap

A lot of good things discussed, including tieing some "Food Bank" work into our events. Future events, special promotion ideas for Brickworld 2013, more Honorary Memberships, secret projects, and much more! Thanks to Ron McRae for stepping forward to be the Judge for our Holiday Build Contest, and thanks to everyone who made the time and the journey to attend!


ChiLUG at the Southland Model Railroad Show!      Oct. 13th & 14th, 2012

A terrific show! It's a rather sizeable Model Railroad event, attended by some talented and devoted Modelers...with a bit of LEGO added for flavor!

Jeff and Robin, Alysa, and Dave X. were exhibitors representing ChiLUG at the event, doing what they do best...generating "oooooohs" and "ahhhhhhs"!


Special Thanks to the Organizers, and Jeff and Robin for getting these Folks hooked on LEGO!

You can see lots of additional photos in the ChiLUG Photo Gallery!




Nick hits the Brothers Brick...again!                                         Oct. 3rd, 2012

...and that ain't no hay, Boys & Girls!  Nick's Replicas are extremely popular...and we're glad to see his work getting the attention like this! Behold the Halo 4 BR85HB Battle Rifle (complete with ammo, of course)!

Enjoy the entire blog here:

Awesome job, Sir!






Casey Starts up a "ChiLUG Flickr Group"!                              August 20th, 2012

Thanks, Casey!

Here's another great place for the ChiLUG Gang to share ideas and such with one another, and to share photos with "Flickrpeople" world wide.

Many of you have already accepted your invites...superb!

Check it out at:



Nick's New Halo "Sticky Detonator" causes quite a stir!             August 19, 2012

Nick's new M363 Remote Projectile Detonator makes a big splash on the web...including another coveted "Brothers Brick" blog, and one of Nick's really decent YouTube clips!








The Photos...        The Video...
The Blog...


Support Dave Pickett's "Newsmobile" for a Cuusoo Pick!

This cool vehicle designed for the "Nightly News at Nine" Crew is up for Cuusoo consideration!

Check it out and show your support, Gang! Go to his flickr page, and you'll find a link to Cuusoo below the photo.

Pretty cool, Dave!





Brickworld Chicago!


Wow! What an event! ChiLUG would like to start by acknowledging the tremendous work of the Brickworld Staff, Volunteers, and Sponsors! A busy, crazy time, filled with LEGO fun, and catching up with Friends from across the globe. ChiLUG would also like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the Fans who come to see our stuff. You're the best reward of all!

Here's the recap...It looks like ALL of the ChiLUG Members made it to the event, and we recruited a bunch of new ones (TBA soon!). The Group had a few award nominations (way to go Dan, Dave, and Johnny!), The McRaes were instrumental in the success of the Satellite Repair event, Nick Jensen won the Brickworld Grand Prize (the Tower Bridge)!!!, Dave and Johnny gave a presentation on working with children (a big success), Zoe McRae was a Winner in both the "Save the LEGO" and "Boat Race/Obstacle Course" events, and very best of all...Jeff and Robin Viens won the "Brickworld Theme" Award for their "End of the (LEGO) World" insanity within their Shackleton Town Layout!

Go to the photo gallery and check out the MANY pictures (sorry we couldn't "mix them up" a bit better...our "mouse fingers" wore out!). Especially to see Jeff and Robin's "Memorial Garden" for Heather, and find all those zany little scenes in their display that had the FOLs rolling in the aisle! We're still missing some photos and info, no speak up if you've got additions

Congratulations to everyone!


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